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Бухгалтерський облік і аналіз венчурної діяльності.

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dc.contributor.author Усатенко, Ольга Вікторівна
dc.contributor.author Usatenko, O.V.
dc.date.accessioned 2018-05-10T11:07:44Z
dc.date.available 2018-05-10T11:07:44Z
dc.date.issued 2018
dc.identifier.uri http://eztuir.ztu.edu.ua/123456789/7357
dc.description.abstract Дисертація на здобуття наукового ступеня доктора економічних наук за спеціальністю 08.00.09 – бухгалтерський облік, аналіз та аудит (за видами економічної діяльності). – Житомирський державний технологічний університет Міністерства освіти і науки України, Житомир, 2017. Робота присвячена вирішенню методологічних проблем і розробці організаційно-практичних рекомендацій до створення системи облiково-аналiтичного забезпечення управління венчурною діяльністю та її аналізу. Досліджено механізм взаємодії суб’єктів венчурної індустрії та визначено специфічні об’єкти обліку й аналізу венчурної діяльності. Встановлено обліковий аспект форм венчурного фінансування та фактори впливу на систему організації обліку. Виділено групи витрат по кожній стадії життєвого циклу венчурних підприємств. Розроблено систему управлінської звітності венчурної діяльності венчурних підприємств. Удосконалено методику обліку процедур венчурного інвестування. Розроблено методичні підходи до оцінки та переоцінки активів венчурних фондів. Запропоновано методику аналізу венчурної діяльності. uk_UA
dc.language.iso uk uk_UA
dc.publisher ЖДТУ uk_UA
dc.subject бухгалтерський облік uk_UA
dc.subject аналіз uk_UA
dc.subject об’єкти бухгалтерського обліку uk_UA
dc.subject венчурна діяльність uk_UA
dc.subject венчурне фінансування uk_UA
dc.subject стадії життєвого циклу uk_UA
dc.subject ризиковий інноваційний проект uk_UA
dc.subject оцінка активів uk_UA
dc.subject звітність uk_UA
dc.subject accounting uk_UA
dc.subject analysis uk_UA
dc.subject accounting objects uk_UA
dc.subject venture activity uk_UA
dc.subject venture financing uk_UA
dc.subject venture innovation project uk_UA
dc.subject stages of a life circle uk_UA
dc.subject asset evaluation uk_UA
dc.subject elements of accounting policy uk_UA
dc.subject managerial reports uk_UA
dc.title Бухгалтерський облік і аналіз венчурної діяльності. uk_UA
dc.title.alternative Financial Accounting and Analysis of Venture Activity uk_UA
dc.type Thesis uk_UA
dc.description.abstracten Thesis for a doctoral degree in economics, specialty 08.00.09 – Accounting, Analysis and Auditing (by types of economic activity). – Zhytomyr State Technological University of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Zhytomyr, 2017. The thesis is aimed at solving methodological problems and giving organizational and practical recommendations for the creation of the accounting and analytical system providing management and analysis of venture activities carried out by venture capital companies and recipients of venture capital in order to meet the information requirements of management in relation to the implementation of the technical and social and economic effect of operations connected to venture capital. The thesis studies the mechanism of interaction among companies participating in venture operations: venture capital companies, venture funds and companies managing venture capital as well as outlines specific objects for venture capital accounting and analysis that ensure reliable information of venture companies for taking managerial decisions. The accounting aspect of forms of venture financing is considered and factors influencing the organization of the accounting system at the level of the venture company are formulated and cost groups inherent in the life cycle stages of venture capital companies are defined. The system of managerial reports of venture capital operations is developed. Its main feature is in the fact that reports are prepared by departments that are centers of responsibility instead of financial accounting departments. The organizational structure of centers of responsibility at venture capital companies that defines the rights and responsibilities of the structural units and indicates the place of origin and flows of information in the managerial reporting system is offered. The essence of venture investment as an object of financial accounting for venture capital operations is found. Improvements of the methodology of accounting for venture investing are revealed. The conceptual and logical model of venture investing with specific features is developed. The model shows the economic nature of venture investments, which helps the accounting system in the identification of venture investments and their clear classification in order to choose the method of evaluation and determination of accounts for their accounting. To determine the methodology of accounting for venture capital investments, based on the application of the system approach, the stages of capital investing are identified. The costs inherent in these stages and the revenues resulting from such activities are explored. Their general characteristics are given and the accounts for their registration, as well as supporting documents, are shown. Work plan of accounts in order to account for income and expenses from the venture capital investments made by investment funds is developed. A consolidated report of income, expenses and financial results from venture capital investments is prepared. The system of accounting for venture capital investments in order to record various types of venture investments within one account is offered. The system provides a simpler and more complete display of information of venture capital investments made by venture funds. A register of analytical accounting for venture capital investments made by venture funds is added, which allows reading and analyzing economic data for different types of investments. The form of financial report is improved, which helps venture capital funds report expanded information of venture capital investments in a balance sheet. The problems of accounting for assets and liabilities of venture capital management companies are investigated. The research work offers to indicate a number of elements in the order on accounting policy that eliminate not only the non-compliance of the size of the reserve capital with the established standards, but also improve the efficiency of investment and financial management decisions, promote the unification of the accounting methodology of asset management companies, and provide users of the financial reports with reliable and substantiated information about financial condition of a company and its financial solvency. The methodical approaches to evaluation and revaluation of assets of venture funds are investigated. The differences of evaluation and revaluation of operational and investment real estate of venture funds are outlined and general aspects of their accounting are outlined. Methodological algorithms for registering further revaluation of operational and investment real estate of the venture fund are developed. An asset revaluation register providing information on the initial and revised value, a fund’s each asset item and the accounts allowing accounting for revaluation results is provided. The research of methods of economic analysis that allow construction of a method for analysis of venture capital operations of venture companies provides systematization of existing methods. Taking into account the features of each stage of a venture company’s life cycle, the methods of economic analysis of venture capital operations of venture companies are determined. It is proposed to consider the economic efficiency of the venture capital operations of venture funds in the following areas: dynamics, cash flow and profitability. The identified areas and indicators of analysis ensure the maximum realization of funds’ possibilities for the interests of institutional investors on the basis of timely and well-argued management decisions. The components of conducting the analysis of venture capital activity carried out by venture capital management companies in relation to the comprehensive assessment of their main functions are determined. uk_UA

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